How to store multiple items to clipboard in Windows?

We all know that clipboard in Windows holds only one item at a time, which sometimes proves to be frustrating when working with multiple items. But there is a method with which Clipboard Manager can store multiple items and access them as needed.

First of all you need to run the ClipboardManager.exe that comes with Windows installation. Now simply create the shortcut for the same. You can access the clipboard list by clicking on the system tray icon or using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + S).

Usually what happens is as you copy items to your regular clipboard each new item replaces the previous one. But using Clipboard Manager saves them all back for you to access later. The item in the #1 position will be the one that is currently active in the regular Windows clipboard.

Each item can be worked with using a context menu. Select Send to Clipboard command to enter a previously copied item back to the regular Windows clipboard for use in other apps.

Moreover, you can even do some quick editing to images stored in Clipboard Manager.

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