Hybrid Sleep of Windows 7 installed system resulting Partition loss

Ever since the time when Windows 7 was released, Microsoft has received a number of reports of data loss. Although the operating system is designed with solutions of most of earlier OS issues but still there are some issues which are unresolved and can just corrupt your partitions. The Windows 7 users are often suggested to update timely backup copy of their important data to prevent any Windows disk recovery needs.

One such issue arises, when a Windows 7 user leave the system in hibernation mode to find out later that computer is still on and hung at BIOS screen. This is because Windows 7 is looking for a boot partition but due to missing boot entry, is unable to perform it. Also, when you use Windows 7 installation CD, it won’t work and prompts that it’s unable to detect the partition.

In such cases, user might experience that the required partition is renamed to ‘System Reserved’ but without any data. Actually, this is a Windows 7 created partition, created at the time of installation and is not the real partition that you are unable to find. In order to troubleshoot this issue, you need to perform Windows 7 startup repair with Windows 7 installation CD or system repair disc.

  • Insert Windows 7 installation disc or system repair disc and boot your system

  • Press any key when system prompts you to do so

  • Select set up language and other settings

  • Click ‘Repair Your Computer’ option

  • Select the Windows Installation you want to repair

  • Choose ‘Startup Repair’ option and after its done select ‘Finish’ to start Windows 7

In addition to the above commands, you can try running commands like ‘fixmbr’ to resolve this issue. In the worst cases, the system might compel you to recreate disk partitions and lose data. In order to restore lost data, you might require windows data recovery tool if the backup is not available.

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