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Windows Disk Recovery Easily Recover Root Folders Master File Table

Client Testimonials :


Hey, First of all, thanks a lot I recovered my very important project file that was lost due to accidental deletion of one of the disk partitions. I was totally helpless needed dat file at any cost. my hard work was in vain after all. But thank God, my files are safe and with me now.. ur software has done a superb job.. Thanks you.

------- Brown


I approach a computer retail store that I use quite a lot and have a good association with for Data Recovery of my friends disk as she had a hard disk (primary) failure and I was supposed to assist with data recovery.. but that idea dint work out.. Finally I found ur software online. And yippie, hard disk data came out safely..very much thanks.. a really good product by your team..

--------- Harry


Windows Disk Recovery product has lived up to my expectation. It would be a pleasure to write a gratitude testimonial for your company and find absolutely no hesitation in recommending this one for Windows Disk Recovery. The thing is I had FAT NTFS based windows partition which was highly corrupted. Tried on various other software but none of them reconstructed the data for me. Mine idea about tool was a fruitful decision. Thank you…

------- Camilia